Garage+, Epoch Foundation's incubation project for start-up companies, derived its name from the backyard garages in which the founders of many global companies first set up their businesses.

Through this project, Garage+ sets target to become a hub for local and global talents and resources. It aims to foster regional collaborations and build synergy through providing entrepreneurs with innovative technologies, capital and knowledge management skills.


Target Groups

        1.   Local entrepreneurs who seek access to various resources;

        2.   Foreign entrepreneurs who wish to enter the Asian market;

        3.   Venture capitalists who seek potential investment opportunities among promising
              startup companies.



  1.   Professional Mentoring:

Successful entrepreneurs and industrial experts are invited to mentor start-up companies. A matching process will then ensue to best match each participating team with its mentor. Within the initial batch of applicants, each team’s industry-specific mentor will provide guidance on business development and assist to successfully obtain the seed fund.

 2.   Entrepreneurial Training Program:

Workshops on the important aspects of entrepreneurship, such as corporation structure, commercial negotiation, budget operation, financial management, decision analysis and other practicalities, are conducted by professionals in the industry to aid teams in reaching their goal.

 3.   Interactive Entrepreneurial Networking:

Entrepreneurs, startup teams, and mentors are encouraged to interact through presentations and public discussions to exchange thoughts and ideas which promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship and consolidate resources, thereby accelerate the establishment of an entrepreneurial community.

  4.   Platform for Recruitment:

Garage+ also aims to foster physical and virtual networks by providing recruiters and entrepreneurial opportunity-seekers with an online platform in addition to workshops and social gatherings to meet and discuss future collaborations with one another.

        5. Seed Funding:

Seed funding is offered to startup teams that excel in Demo Day. Funds ranging in value from US$25,000–US$50,000 are given to promising startup teams in IT, biotech, green technology, creative industries, and other emerging industries to help them transform their ideas and concepts into reality.

Strategic Partner


Contact information :
Phoebe Tsai
Tel: +886-2-2703-2235 ext.15 / Email:
Jason Lu
Tel: +886-2-2703-2235 ext. 22 / Email:
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