About Epoch


 1.   To facilitate Taiwan's industrial development
 2.   To promote the economic prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region




The seed of the Epoch Foundation was planted in the late 1980s, a time when an inevitable trend towards globalization and the ever-growing role that "Chinese-based Economies" were to play in the near future within this globalized market started to become evident to the flourishing Taiwan industry community.

Paul Hsu, Founder and President of the Epoch Foundation, envisioned bringing together local private sectors to work towards developing a better future for Taiwan. A chance meeting between Hsu and Professor Lester C. Thurow, the Dean Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management, further cemented their mutual belief of the upcoming importance of "Chinese-based Economies". Together, they invited local entrepreneurs and business leaders to form a Strategic Development Alliance to guide Taiwan's future economic growth.

The alliance entered into a long-term partnership with MIT to promote exchanging ideas on management and technological innovation. In March 1991, the Epoch Foundation, the name of which was chosen to symbolize the foundation's commitment towards keeping abreast with the spirit of the changing times, was officially established.


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