Young Entrepreneurs of the Future

Young Entrepreneurs of the Future

Young Entrepreneurs of the Future (YEF)

Since its inception in 2003, YEF has received not only much acclaim from Taiwan's leading academics, but also enthusiastic support from the industrial world with its goals to infuse the future generation with integrity, empathy, responsibility, global vision, international competitiveness, and the ability to work as a team and think as an entrepreneur. In the past nine years, YEF has had a profound impact on more than 1,700 qualified young leaders. These young people have gone on to become executives in companies or NGOs, entrepreneurs, or even academic researchers, all contributing to society. Today, the YEF program continues to provide the younger generation with an opportunity to dream, grow, and succeed.

YEF is a ten-month program aimed at cultivating teamwork, and entrepreneurial and networking skills among its participants through the following activities:

  • Online Application
  • Team Building
  • Boot Camp
  • Garage Party
  • Business Statement Evaluation
  • Business Plan Evaluation
  • Elevator Pitch Competition
  • Entrepreneurial Workshops
  • Oral Assessment
  • Intensive Training for Finalists
  • Overseas Visit
  • Wrap-up Presentation

YEF is the only entrepreneurship competition in Taiwan that offers its participants access to international networks to share ideas with successful entrepreneurs and student groups, and further broaden their horizons. Each year, YEF selects 15-17 finalists and provides them with the opportunity to gain knowledge by visiting major entrepreneurship hubs, i.e., Beijing and Shenzhen in China, Silicon Valley on the West Coast, or Boston on the East Coast of the USA, Toronto and Waterloo in Canada, Copenhagen in Denmark, London and Cambridge in the U.K.  YEF finalists have visited many world-famous innovative companies (Google, IDEO, iRobot, E Ink, and CISCO) and prestigious universities (MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Tsinghua University, Beijing, and the University of Toronto), interacted with entrepreneurs and scientists such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, as well as paid visits to the Plug & Play Center and NGOs such as Design that Matters, Kiva, and OLPC.

Every year, more than 80 entrepreneurs and professionals from Taiwan, Silicon Valley, and Boston participate in YEF as mentors, speakers, and judges. Strong support is also contributed to the program from industrial leaders including Barry Lam, Chairman of Quanta Computer and Bruce Cheng, Chairman of Delta Electronics and Ming-Kai Tsai, Chairman of MediaTek.  Through the program, YEF alumni are given intensive and rigorous training, and many long-term relationships between the alumni and their dedicated mentors, judges, and speakers have flourished as a result. Encouraged and motivated to put into practice, YEF Alumni have spearheaded more than 20 start-ups, such as FunP & Cacafly (the facebook’s affiliate partner in Greater China), Integration Sports (which invited Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf and Marat Safin in 2011 and 2012 to play exhibition matches in Taiwan), Pinzaan Inc., Eight Elephant Hostel, Yi Cheng Industrial Co., and more.

As of 2012, students who participate in YEF are awarded academic credits by National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, National Tsing-Hua University (Hsin-Chu), National Chiao Tung University, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Fu Jen Catholic University.

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