Epoch-MIT/IT Industrial Affiliates Program

Epoch-MIT/IT Industrial Affiliates Program

Epoch-MIT/IT Industrial Affiliates Program


MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) is the global center for research in information technology and artificial intelligence. CSAIL has achieved numerous milestones in its areas of expertise and initiated breakthroughs in the fields of network communications, the World Wide Web (WWW), voice technology, computational molecular biology, tactile interface design, and computer vision.

In 1998, the Epoch Foundation, the MIT Laboratory of Computer Science (LCS) and the MIT Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab co-founded the Epoch-MIT/IT Program to provide company members and their representatives with the opportunity to access and be directly involved in the R&D projects undertaken by the LCS and AI laboratories. In June 2000, the Epoch-MIT/IT Program facilitated the entry of Taiwan's Delta Electronics and Acer Inc. into the Oxygen Alliance, a partnership featuring Hewlett Packard, Nokia, Philips, and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone to participate in the joint R&D of a new generation of human-centered computers.

In July 2003, MIT's LCS and AI labs merged to form CSAIL. In April 2005, Quanta Computer Inc. and CSAIL signed on to the T-Party R&D Project, consequently laying a solid foundation for Taiwan to become an elite player in the global IT industry.


Members' Benefits

  • Annual Conference

Company members are given the quota of up to five representatives in the annual two-day conference free of charge. Participants are given the opportunity to learn about CSAIL's latest R&D findings as well as take part in panel discussions and make new connections.

  • Research Updates

Access to a website that contains early information about research summaries and CSAIL events.  CSAIL seminar series are also accessible via video streaming to member companies.

  • Student Recruitment

CSAIL organizes a biannual one-day seminar in Boston where soon-to-be graduates are invited to present a summary of their thesis. Interactions with the students from CSAIL at the seminars present members with an opportunity to recruit suitable talents.

  • Onsite Visits

Members can schedule occasional visits to CSAIL to receive previews of research programs and results and demonstrations of emerging technologies.

  • Joint Projects

Members are given priority with regards to participation in CSAIL's research projects focusing on critical areas in IT development. Means of participation are to be determined after discussions between both parties so that the needs of each individual member are met.

  • Epoch Conferences

Members will be able to attend various conferences organized by the Epoch Foundation every year.

  • Membership Fee

Affiliate Level: A two-year program requires a company membership fee of US$30,000 per year. 

Partner Level: A three-year program requires a company membership fee of US$75,000 per year. 

Contact information :
Ivory Hsia
Tel: +886-2-2511-2678 ext.22 / Email: ivory@epoch.org.tw
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