Epoch Internship Program

Epoch Internship Program

Welcome to the ranks of those dedicated to service, sharing, and learning. Together, we will create a new “Epoch”!

In 1998, the Epoch Foundation established an internship program for students in Taiwan and abroad. For more than a decade, this year-long training program has gifted participants with the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of how enterprises operate, global economic trends, data collection and analyses, the importance of teamwork and good communication skills, and practical work experiences. The internship aims to help participants become better equipped for life beyond school and ready themselves for entrance into the workplace.



Applicants must

1.   be currently enrolled in a department of a university, college, or research institute. (Given the duration of the program, this year's graduates and exchange students will not be eligible to apply);

2.   have strong communication skills in English and Chinese, as well as good data collection and analytical skills;

3.   be familiar with the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Suite (specifically Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Additionally, experience in web design is a plus;

4.   have a positive attitude, be disciplined, and be a team player;

5.   have strong desire to learn and share, great execution ability and great ambitions for his/her future  


Job Description

Interns are required to

1.   Assist with organizing and executing international conferences, projects promoting emerging industries, and workshops on entrepreneurship.

2.   Individually collect data on global trends in finance, science and technology, and management. Teams are then formed to focus on the research of a specific topic and required to give a group presentation at the end of the program.

3.   Help to receive professors from major universities and contact representatives from both the academic and private sectors.

4.   Perform general administrative tasks and supporting duties.


Training Program

Training is given to provide interns with

1.   Various skills and techniques to ensure success in the workplace.

2.   Personal guidance in writing resumes and personal profiles from industry professionals. Interns who meet the respective completion criteria are awarded the following certificates:

a.   Excellence in resume writing

b.   Excellence in interview skills

c.   Effective communication skills
     (for business documents written in Chinese and English)

d.   Professional behavior and business etiquette

e.   Professional presentation skills

f.    Overall excellence (based on results of the final assessment)



At the end of the internship program, participants will

1.   have acquired a global perspective and understanding of global trends;

2.   have access to a network of peers from Taiwan and overseas, allowing them to provide support for—and share information with—one another;

3.   understand—through on-the-job training—workplace expectations in terms of professional capabilities and work quality;

4.   have the opportunity of becoming a member of the foundation’s Search for Talent program;

5.   be prioritized when enterprises seek recommendations from the foundation;

6.   receive a certificate of participation from the foundation upon completion.



Participants are expected to

1.   work for at least three hours per week (9:30am–12:30pm or 2:30pm–5:30pm),

2.   complete the entire one-year internship program and participate in more than one-third of the activities organized by the foundation during the year.



Application for the internship program usually begins in the fourth quarter.  Official announcements and details can be found on our home page.


Join us to pursue your dreams with passion and enthusiasm

 to achieve your full potential!

Contact information :
Jacky Chen
Tel: +886-2-2703-2235 ext. 17 / Email: jacky@epoch.org.tw
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