Entrepreneurial Training for Mainland China Returnees

Entrepreneurial Training for Mainland China Returnees

Wuxi 530 Project Entrepreneurial Training Program

Entrepreneurs of SzchouTraining Program

An invitation to design a special training program for Mainland China returnees by the Wuxi government was issued in 2009 to the Epoch Foundation due to its reputation as a leader in entrepreneurship education and training and its access to international networks and global resources. The success of the corresponding Wuxi 530 Entrepreneurial Talents Training Program subsequently prompted the launch of the  Suzhou Entrepreneurs Training Program in 2011. The two-week training programs are held in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), and have been successfully conducted for the past three years with very positive feedback from both cities. Both programs aim to strengthen the technical expertise of entrepreneurs who have returned to China after living abroad by developing various specific skillsets that include business model and management, market and product development, innovation, finance and internationalization strategies.

For the first week, participants are based in UCB and partake in courses held by the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and the Haas School of Business, and study case studies as well as designated texts used by the Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management. Participants also attend symposia and visit start-up enterprises in Silicon Valley, where they have the opportunity to share their experiences and interact with local entrepreneurs.

Participants are then relocated to Taiwan for the second week of the program, where they are given the opportunity to visit successful local enterprises and learn from the experiences of founders and management executives. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet Taiwanese business leaders, young entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

Friendships formed over the two weeks of intensive training in the past have aided the emergence of new business communities. These programs, their training sessions, follow-up discussions and get-together sessions for past and future participants, have provided a platform for cross-straits exchanges between mainland Chinese and Taiwanese entrepreneurs and turned future collaborations into feasible realities.

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