Areas of Focus

The Epoch Foundation works to reach its goals in three directional branches:

1.   Top-notched Institutes Liaison Services

2.   Future Trends of Industrial Development

3.   Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education


The programs of each focus are listed in the following:


Top-notched Institutes Liaison Services

  • Epoch-Information Technology Program: Epoch members' direct access to MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)
  • Epoch-MIT Industrial Liaison Program: A pathway for participants to access MIT's research and development
  • Epoch–MIT Sloan Program: MIT Sloan School of Management's Asia-Pacific initiative.
  • Epoch-University of California, Berkeley Program: A program that facilitates members collaboration with College of Engineering of University of California, Berkeley (UCB COE)

Epoch foundation aims to facilitate Taiwan's industrial development and promote economic prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region. Through collaborations with the Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT), University of California, Berkeley (UCB), and other leading institutions, member companies are able to access these institutions’ databases and stand on the cutting-edge of international developments and break-through researches.


Future Trends of Industrial Development

  • Health Care
  • Green Technology
  • Creative Industries
  • Agriculture and Food Safety
  • Incubator Project: Garage+

By promoting four emerging industries—Health Care, Green Technology, Creative Industries, and Agriculture and Food Safety—the foundation hopes to help establish a new hub for Taiwan's future development within the competitive global economy. Policy recommendations compiled from the speeches and papers (Chinese version) by Paul Hsu, President of the Epoch Foundation, and other experts and scholars can be found on Epoch's website. These texts discuss the Industrial trends and current economic conditions in Taiwan, and analyze the international comparative advantages of Taiwanese industries. 


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

  • Young Entrepreneurs of the Future
  • Epoch Internship Program
  • Search for Talent
  • Entrepreneurial Training for Mainland Returnees

Nurturing the talents of the upcoming generations is of the most importance to the growth and development of a modern society. In order to sharpen Taiwan's competitive edge, the Epoch Internship Program was launched in 1998, and the Young Entrepreneurs of the Future program was later introduced to the public in 2003. These programs have already nurtured more than 1,700 undergraduates and graduate students, forming a multidisciplinary and close-knit community of talents. In addition, the Search for Talent program, which helps to "match-make" international talents with the private sector, was established in 2007. Furthermore, invitations from Chinese officials of Wuxi (2009) and Suzhou (2011) prompted the foundation to collaborate with UCB to provide entrepreneurial training for mainland Chinese returnees through programs that have been running successfully for the past four years.

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