Supporting the Epoch Foundation

Your contribution, regardless of the amount, is important

 Together, let's work towards Taiwan's future


Industrial Partnership

Thanks to established companies in developed countries who sponsor non-profit and charitable organizations as part of their corporate social responsibility programs, foundations such as Epoch are given the opportunity to improve and evolve. We look forward to support from the corporate world to help nurture future talents through the foundation's talent development programs. All corporate donations are tax deductible.


Personal Support

With an annual contribution of NT$3,000 or more, individuals become eligible for personal membership and a 20% discount on all activities organized by the foundation every year. Welcome to the Epoch Foundation family!

Programs in need of support:

1.    Young Entrepreneurs of the Future (YEF)

2.    Search for Talent

3.    Other: Details available upon request


Donation Channels

1.    Bank transfer:

  • New Taiwan Dollar Account No. 450-102-126-691 (Taipei Fubon Bank-Dunhua Branch)
  • US Dollar Account No. 019-53-01402-8 (Mega International Commercial Bank-An Ho Branch)

2.   Payment by check:

  • Please mail your non-transferable on-demand check (payable to Epoch Foundation) to this address: 8F, No. 40, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Contact information:  Maggie Yang

                                       Tel: +886-2-2511-2678 ext. 10 / E-mail:

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