【2019 MIT ILP-Epoch Taiwan Symposium】Less Artificial, More Intelligence: Challenges of AI as a New Industry_活動紀實

2019-07-17 09:00   至   17:00 加入 Google 行事曆
2019-07-17 09:00   至   17:00

7 月 17 日,時代基金會與美國麻省理工學院 (MIT) 以『Less Artificial, More Intelligence: Challenges of AI as a New Industry』為題,邀請 MIT 及台灣頂尖學者及產業專家,在台發表 AI 在醫療、高效能晶片、機器學習決策輔助等領域之關鍵技術與應用,本次講者包括廣達電腦林百里董事長、獲 Qualcomm(2017) 暨 Google(2016) 學者獎的 Prof. Vivienne Sze、電腦暨人工智慧實驗室的 Dr. John Fisher、電機資訊暨醫學工程系的 Prof. Collin Stultz、史隆管理學院行為經濟學專家 Prof. Michael Schrage 及新任 Epoch 講座教授 Prof. Yasheng Huang 等。同時邀請國內外五家專注於 AI 領域的新創團隊,發表如何應用 AI 技術來解決數位醫療、物流管理、數位影音等問題。


當日也以「New Coopetition in AI Era」為題舉辦座談,探討在 AI 世代瞬息萬變商業環境中的新競合關係,由本會創會董事長徐小波先生主持,台達海英俊董事長、台大陳添枝教授及新任 Epoch 講座教授 Prof. Yasheng Huang 擔任與談人,當日逾 300 位、150家相關領域之產、官、學、醫界代表參與,現場討論熱烈。




Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Epoch Foundation have organized a biennial symposium in Taiwan to present cutting-edge technologies and discuss real-time management issues focusing on the theme of Less Artificial, More Intelligence: Challenges of AI as a New Industry on July 17. This symposium invites 5 professors from MIT, Prof. Vivienne Sze, Dr. John Fisher, Prof. Collin Stultz, Prof. Michael Schrage, Prof. Yasheng Huang, Barry Lam, Chairman of Quanta Computer, Yancey Hai, Chairman of Delta Electronics and Prof. Tain-Jy Chen from NTU to provide a platform and an opportunity for various industries and academia to share knowledge for the challenges of AI as a new industry.


We also invite 5 startups, Aifred Health, GliaCloud, InfuseAI, XYZ Robotics and PowerArena, to share their advanced technologies and products. Over 300 Attendees from 150 Companies/Organizations have participated in the symposium.


**This symposium was sponsored by Hua Nan Bank, Quanta Computer, Yuen Foong Yu Incorporation, National Development Council, Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency, Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Research Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, and ChungHwa Telecom.